General Motors PTC & AC Systems CAE Engineer - ENG0039024 in Warren, Michigan

The PTC & AC (Powertrain Cooling and AirConditioning) Systems CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Group is responsible forsupporting the design and development of PTC and AC systems through the use ofmath based virtual tools, simulation and synthesis. PTC & AC Systems CAE Engineer responsibilitiesinclude:

  • Estimate powertrain heat rejection and determineair flow requirements for automotive type cooling systems
  • Size an air conditioning systems and determinecooling capacity required and air flow requirements for automotive condensers
  • Evaluate automobile exterior with focus on frontend cooling air flow and sealing; passenger compartment comfort usingComputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models
  • Evaluate PTC and AC system performance using 1Dand 3D (1Dimensional and 3Dimensional) simulations tools
  • Clearly post process and interpret simulationresults to identify current performance and develop areas of improvements
  • Daily use of several commercial CFD codes, 1Dsolvers and supporting software in Windows, LINUX/UNIX and HPC environment.These include ANSA, TGRID, FLUENT, SINDA-FLUINT, MATLAB SIMULINK and otherInternal Codes.
  • Interface and collaborate with Studio and EngineeringTeams, present numerical and visual data and recommendations effectively, to ensure component and system levelperformance requirements are achieved

Required Skills

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or ElectricalEngineering with coursework in Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and FluidMechanics
  • 5+ years’ of automotive CFD and/or 1-D thermallumped parameter solver experience for air flow, PTC, AC and/or ThermalManagement
  • Experience using commercial 1D solvers such asMATLAB-SIMULINK, SINDA-FLUINT, GT-POWER and/or CFD solvers such as FLUENT,STAR-CCM, EXA-POWERFLOW, Mesh generators such as ANSA, TGRID, HYPERWORKS
  • Familiarity with Aerodynamic and Climatic WindTunnel testing, measurement techniques and data systems

Preferred Skills

  • Masters or Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering withfocus on Thermal Sciences
  • Experience in design/release of automotivethermal systems