General Motors Design Release Engineer – Body Sealing - ENG0038395 in Warren, Michigan

Engineerresponsible for product development and integration activities for Body Sealing. Responsible for specifying requirements,execution and evaluation of designs, analysis, development, testing and controlof major body projects. Creativity and initiative are involved as well asa high level of independent judgment. A highly proactive and dedicatedwork ethic is required. Works cooperatively with other engineering disciplinesand engineering support personnel to engineer and release sealing solutions. Consults with supervisor and BOFs as required. Is responsible toexecute the design from concept through successful production. Role also includes leading and reporting statusesof Material Cost Optimization (MCO) activities for Sealing.

  • Generatestechnical solutions for current, new and major programs
  • Understandsthe development and application of new and existing technology to body sealingdesign, manufacturing and engineering
  • Staysabreast of new technology and competitive products
  • Developsand coordinates body sealing engineering designs and systems withmanufacturing, analysis, other vehicle subsystems, vehicle development, safety,customers and other functions as required
  • Releasesparts and subsystems for production
  • Executesengineering changes through EWO’s and coordination with suppliers,manufacturing, and plant
  • Specifies,balances and maintains system and part requirements such as cost, mass,performance, etc.
  • Diagnosesand corrects design, engineering and manufacturing deficiencies
  • Coordinatesand supports vehicle build programs such as IVER and production launch events
  • Supportsdevelopment and coordination of body sealing validation plans with validationengineers and performance teams and supports vehicle validation testing
  • Coordinateswith suppliers on a regular basis
  • Travelsas required to support suppliers, plants, and launch build events


Candidate must:

  • Exhibitgood problem solving skills
  • Exhibithighly dedicated work ethic
  • Bea proactive self-starter and self-directed
  • Beable to work with varied groups diplomatically and effectively
  • Beable to communicate and work effectively with computer aided designers
  • Beable to work in assembly and component manufacturing environments to solveproduct design issues
  • Frequentlywork with manufacturing and process engineers to ensure design compliance tomanufacturing requirements and to resolve design related issues
  • Understandengineering theory and principles
  • Exhibithigh level of analytical ability where problems are unusual, complex andinnovative
  • Beable to work proactively with groups to resolve issues involving vehiclesealing, durability and NVH performance
  • Exhibita high level of oral and written communication skills
  • Beknowledgeable of the global vehicle development process, GM release systems(E-squared), Vis Mock-Up, UG release and assembly structure
  • Candidateshould have one or more of the following engineering degrees: BSE, BS inEngineering in field of Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering,Computer Science, Metallurgical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics or MaterialsEngineering
  • Master’sDegree preferred
  • DFSSGreen Belt Required, Black Belt Certification preferred