General Motors Archivist & Media Specialist - GM Design Archives & Special Collections - CRE0001237 in Warren, Michigan

The Archivist for the GM Design Archives & Special Collections(GMDASC) reports to the Manager of the GMDASC, and works closely to establishpolicies and best practices for the acquisition, preservation, arrangement anddescription of historically significant materials specifically related to thedesign process at General Motors. This person works closely with other GMDASCteam members to execute these policies and processes, and is responsible forarchival activities that include but are not limited to:

  • Prioritization of archival projects andforecasting the necessary timeframes for completion
  • Responsible for identifying future archivalprojects and concepts that fit within the strategic framework of GM CreativeDesign
  • Initiating externally-facing exhibits,pop-ups, and events that showcase the Collections and the history of GM andfacilitate community outreach
  • Interfacing and partnering with internal andexternal partners, including Communications, GM Heritage Center, and otherorganizations responsible for preserving the history of General Motors
  • Facilitating the efficient transfer andmovement of newly acquired design-related collections to the GMDASC
  • Identifying, organizing, arranging, anddescribing archival material related to the history of GM Design in accordancewith recognized archival standards
  • Document, prepare and manage the digitizationworkflow for recent acquisitions of designer artwork
  • Creation and maintenance of accuratedescriptive tools which increase access and intellectual control over GMDASCcollection materials (i.e. GM Design Leadership Matrix, GM Product database,and Collection Inventories).
  • Identification of materials that do not fitwithin the collections policy of GMDASC and disposition of said materials tothe appropriate repository. These institutions include GM Heritage Center and GMMedia Archive, as well as select external institutions.

The Archivist & MediaSpecialist is responsible for general monitoring and maintenance of theGMDASC space, its collections and supplies. Duties include:

  • Assisting and working collaboratively with theGMDASC team in content research for exhibitions, publications and documentaryvideos using GMDASC collection material. This activity also includes contentcreation as well as proofreading and editing.
  • Providing reference assistance to internal andexternal research client and maintaining metrics used to track referencerequests and types of information use.
  • Assistance with recruitment and management ofthe GMDASC Student Intern Program, coordinating meaningful projects andmentoring students from Wayne State University and University of Michigan.
  • Development of relationships with externalarchival colleagues to promote awareness of GMDASC and foster mutuallybeneficial relationships.
  • Understanding the historic importance ofGMDASC and supporting educational activities.
  • Engagement and education of collectors andretired designers on the role and importance of the GMDASC to acquire anddocument their work to grow our collections.
  • Collection management; monitoringenvironmental climate control; and maintain intellectual control over thecollections.

The Archivist & Media Specialist assistswith the Digital Preservation of GM Design Archive’s Photographic Collectionand includes duties such as:

  • Collaborate with on-site GMMA and GMDASC resourcesto appraise, select and prepare physical photographic assets for digitization.
  • Use available equipment to convert physicalphotographic assets to digital form based upon technical guidelines establishedby GMMA and GM Design.
  • Collaborate with GMMA to import digital assetsinto GMMA’s digital asset management system (DAM) for permanent retention.
  • Collaborate with GMMA to provide metadata fordigital assets.
  • Manage workflow and record associated metrics.

Required Qualifications:

  • Graduate Level Degree in Library Studies, InformationScience , Archives & RecordsManagement. (or equivalent)
  • Excellentorganizational skills with an ability to manage multiple projects independently
  • Stronginterpersonal skills that promote and develop a collaborative relationship withcolleagues and engagement with our external design outreach activities.
  • Professionalexperience of 2-4+ years in the field of archives management, recordsmanagement, corporate archives, library management.
  • Experienceusing DAM (digital asset management) systems as a tool with supporting archiveprocesses and functions.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of GM Design History
  • Interest in the field of Industrial/AutomotiveDesign
  • Understanding of 2DAM, MediaBin, and/or GM MediaArchive Database management,
  • Understanding of GM Library Collectionmanagement system
  • Writing and Editing skills
  • Workingknowledge of photographic scanning and documentation techniques