General Motors Automated Driving and Active Safety Software Architecture Engineer - ENG0038304 in Milford, Michigan

Position: Automated Driving and Active Safety SoftwareArchitecture Engineer

Surround yourself with innovation: Our team iscreating new embedded software features in the automated driving and activesafety area for General Motors products. Make an impact and help us takeon this challenge.

Be part of something that matters: This veryrelevant work will yield our next-generation automated driving embeddedcontrollers and will make a difference to GM and our customers. Whoknows, you might help us find the next breakthrough feature!

If you’re good, apply: These are hard and complexproblems! We need outstanding world-class embedded controls and softwareengineers to join our embedded software engineering team. Your ideasmatter to us and will be used to help us accomplish our goals.

Who we’re looking for:

·People with broad knowledge and expertise inmany different areas of computer science and engineering

·People who are passionate about automated drivingcontrol systems and their future impact on the world

·People with world-class controls and programmingskills

·People with excellent communication andorganizational skills

·People who are passionate about their work andare great colleagues

·People who quick learners and enjoy working in ahigh-energy environment on small project teams

·People with diverse interests and skills

Key job elements of our positions include:

·Define and maintain software products for automated drivingsystems with requirements and test cases for in-vehicle embedded software usingGM Context, CM Synergy, and Aspen/RSMT

·Develop and release software features in ANSI C

·Perform feature and integration builds ofsoftware

·Define and execute unit and integration testsand analyze results to ensure your software is doing its job correctly

·Conduct and participate in peer reviews ofsoftware artifacts

·Know and apply all applicable standards andprocesses in execution of the above to ensure the features you develop are thebest they can be

·Contribute to the development of standards andprocesses for the above key elements that the team can use while they developsoftware

Candidate Qualifications Include:

·BS or MS EE or CS, ME with control systemsemphasis

·Passion for and at least one year of experiencebuilding high-quality embedded software

·At least two years of engineering experience

·Good business sense, ability to communicate, anda desire to understand customer needs

·A track record of "getting thingsdone"

·Ability to thrive in a dynamic, high-changeenvironment

·Enthusiasm for solving interesting problems

·Ability to work in a disciplined softwaredevelopment environment

·Knowledge of protocols and interfaces like CAN,flexray, and other network topologies and interfaces is a plus